Student denied lunch over 15 cents

A mom is outraged after her daughter was denied lunch at school. The incident all started on the student's first day back at University High School in Orange City, Florida. The sophomore was short just fifteen cents, and the cashier refused to let her have the food.

Her mom, Kimberly Aiken said she signed up for the free and reduced cost lunch program, and it had not kicked in yet.

Aiken says, "She puts her food on, you know, the tray, gets to the front, gives her number to the cashier and she says, 'Well you owe fifteen cents?' and she said, ‘she didn't have any money, um’ so the cashier took her food."

The mom added, "That's the big thing is eat breakfast and eat lunch, so, they can make sure that they're doing good on their work, but, then you starve my child."

Kim's mom said she was concerned about other kids getting the same treatment. "You want to make sure that your kids are coming to school, and they're being taken care of.  We already have all these scary things happening, but, the one thing you don't want them to worry about is are they going to be able to eat when they go to lunch.  To think that this could happen to anybody's child, um kind of, kind of infuriates me."