Student Heart Check at Royal Oak Beaumont encouraged for teens more than ever due to pandemic

"I live on a golf course so I try to golf as much as I can and I've been a dancer for 13 years," said Angelina Maruskin.

But when the 16-year-old got Covid last November her energetic body felt fatigued.

"Out of quarantine back at dance I remember feeling super tired for a couple of weeks," she said.

But her concerns did not end there.

"I had heard teens had heart issues from having COVID-19," she said.

So when Angelina found out that she could participate at this weekend's Beaumont Hospital's no-cost Student Heart Check at the Royal Oak campus, she jumped at the opportunity.

"It's not going to hurt to get a checkup and make sure everything is okay," she said.

Doctors say the screening is simple and could save a life.

"We take blood pressure to make sure no evidence of hypertension then we perform an electrocardiogram that looks at the electrical condition of the heart," said Dr. Ismael Gonzalez Rangel.

There's also an ultrasound of the heart.

"Looking at chambers inside heart make sure muscle is healthy," Rangel said.

This weekend's Beaumont Student Heart Check comes the same week the American Academy of Pediatrics said in a policy statement that all children, regardless of their athletic status, should be screened for risk of cardiac arrest.

"Looking for any heart condition that kids can have and be at risk for sudden cardiac arrest," Rangel said.

Signs that teens and their parents should look for go beyond chest pain, for example, if their heart is racing for no reason or they feel dizziness after exercise.

But you might not have any signs at all and that's why doctors are urging parents to talk to their child's pediatrician about the heart check screening.

"Saving one life is definitely worth it," Rangel said. 

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