Students protest for teen shot in Detroit, not allowed back at school

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Students at Walled Lake Western High School rallied to support their classmate who police say was shot last month in Detroit 

"We came out here to peacefully protest until we get justice," said Aaliyah Lewis, a Western student.

School administrators said he would have to finish his senior year by taking classes online, with officials concerned that there could be possible retaliation at the school.

"It really angers me because I feel like I've done something wrong when I was completely the victim," said Michael, the student.

Investigators say Michael was in Detroit in the area of Joy and Stahelin when a vehicle driving past the teen fired shots in his Michael's direction.  

Michael was hit in his arm and is recovering 

Police tell FOX 2 that this is an ongoing investigation but the victim has decided not to move forward with it. 

Now Michael believes the school district Is treating him harshly.

"He says now I am not able to graduate with the class or walk the stage or go to prom," Michael said. "It's heartbreaking for my mom, my dad, my grandmother, because I was the victim."

"Michael was in the wrong place at the wrong time," said student Angelina Mayes, a Walled Lake Central student. "And two other people who were in the car who were also expelled, they do not deserve this. They deserve to walk with us."

FOX 2 reached out to school officials but they have not responded to a request for comment.

But Michael hopes this show of support will make school leaders reconsider their position

"I just want something to be done right what I deserve, which is to walk across the stage," Michael said.