Students raise almost $80k during Charity Week at Rochester Community Schools

High school students from three Rochester Community Schools raised almost $80,000 during Charity Week.

Students from Adams, Stoney Creek and Rochester High Schools fundraised for the Yellow Ribbon Fund; an organization providing support for wounded service members and their families.

"We’re helping someone in an organization that’s bigger than ourselves," said Eden McCullough, a 2022 graduated senior from Rochester High School.

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"We were able to talk to veterans and their families who were impacted by the  charity and that got us pumped up and ready to help this charity," said Carson Collins, a 2022 graduated senior from Adams High School.

During Charity Week, students go all out to raise money through events like fundraisers and raffles. Every penny counts and goes towards a good cause.

"We went out into the world and got people to donate money and got businesses to participate," said Dave Palazzo, a 2022 graduated senior from Stoney Creek High School.

Friday, one week before the end of the school year, the student council presidents of each high school presented the collective results from this year's fundraiser.

A check was presented to Yellow Ribbon Fund for a total of $76,897.51.

"They inspired me… their efforts, their desire to come out and do this and do it with a purpose and a cause and look at what they did they set a record," said Vito Pampalona, from Yellow Ribbon Fund and Army Veteran.

"These are amazing young men and women they’re truly extraordinary… excuse me I’m getting choked up," said Dr. Robert Shaner, superintendent of Rochester Community Schools and former Marine. "It's so much more than the money… raising awareness for veteran issues and the support they need is important but also showing that collaboration that we can come together and do great things for our neighbors."

The community service they provided not only benefited the organization, but also the students.

"It changes the organization, but it also changes you and yourself because you’re learning to be a servant leader," McCollough said. "You’re learning to be empathetic work as a team."