Study: Kids want parents to stop oversharing on Facebook (or at least ask first)

It's no secret parents ask their kids to avoid posting personal information on social media -- but a new study suggests parents might not be listening to their own advice.

The study, done at the University of Michigan and the University of Washington, found that parents share more information online than their children may be comfortable with.

Researchers surveyed 249 pairs of parents and kids age 10 to 17 about family guidelines for social media sharing. The kids were asked what "rule" they think their parents should follow on social media, and 18 percent of the kids said parents shouldn't share information about them without asking first.

That may seem like a small number, but when the parents were asked what rules they should follow -- only 7 percent wrote down oversharing.

The takeaway? Kids see their mom and dad's embarassing social media posts as more of a problem than other parents do.

Another important thing to note from the survey -- both parents and kids say their biggest concern is the desire for all family members, regardless of age, to put down the phone more and pay more attention to one another.

You can read the whole study here.