Substance abuse campaign to use first responders or 'real heroes' on billboards

Lights, camera, action. First responders took part in a photo shoot on Monday as the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority includes them in their next billboard campaign to raise awareness about substance use.

"The key of it is to make sure that the public is aware that there's a problem out there. Even though there's a problem out there, there is help," said Chief William T. Riley II of the City of Inkster. 

"We are all about helping people. That's our number one theme, our goal every day, and we have people that help every single day -- save lives. We have people that are in recovery and we thought you know a lot of these first responders are out there on the front liens everyday saving lives and this is a fun way to honor them as well as say thank you for everything they've done for us," said Tiffany Devon with the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority.

"This is presenting a different side of law enforcement to the community. We're here for not only your safety but for the preservation of life as well," said Chief Robert Dunlap of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office.

And part of that process is educating kids.

"We train them on how to dial 911 for various reasons, the same is true when someone is addicted to some type of narcotic substance," Dunlap said