Suicide bombing in Baghdad shopping mall kills 115, injures 200

In Baghdad, the death toll continues to rise following a series of bombings in the Iraqi capital.

At least 126 people -- including children -- were killed and nearly 200 others hurt. The Islamic State has claimed it was responsible for the attacks.

The most deadly of two bombs struck central Baghdad in the early hours of Sunday morning.  A suicide bomber drove a truck loaded with explosives drove into this crowded shopping mall.  It was full of people preparing for the EID holiday, marking the end of Ramadan. 

People had little chance to escape the fire ball. Many died in these burning buildings. At least 115 were killed and almost 200 injured.

As daylight broke, rescue teams set about the grim task of recovering bodies from the wreckage as the death toll continued to rise with many still missing.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for this carnage -- it says it deliberately targeted Shia Muslims as it has done so many times recently in Iraq.

These latest attacks show ISIS is determined to fight on despite recent losses in Fallujah. Iraqi forces pushed ISIS fighters out of that city just last week, but that hasn't stopped the group carrying out acts of horrific violence.

The White House has condemned this latest attack saying, "It only strengthens our resolve to support Iraqi security forces as they continue to take back territory from ISIS."