Summer barbecues do's and don't for your dogs with the DDR

Summer is in full swing and you have probably been to a couple barbecues.

It is always fun to bring your dog to outdoor celebrations but before you toss them a bite of your hamburger, Kristina Millman-Rinaldi from the Detroit Dog Rescue came to visit with some barbecue do's and don'ts.

"We have a whole spread here and it looks so good - but alot of it are don'ts for your dog," she said.

Some don'ts - ribs have bones and they are also very fatty, she said, which can cause a number of stomach problems.

Another don't - macaroni and cheese is too fatty and makes them sick because it makes it hard for their liver, pancreas and gall bladder to digest. 

The same problem is with baked beans - the spices and fat are also bad for them.

Avocadoes and onions are not good either, because they are difficult to digest, she said.

Corn on the cobb can also be a problem because it isn't the corn but the cobb can cause an obstruction so be careful after the cookout to clean up. Also to be aware of - saran wrap and cups.

And no chocolate - ever.

On the good side: 

Sweet potatoes are on the good list - they digest easy and are full of vitamins. Rinaldi added that a spoonful of pumpkin with rice if your dog isn't feeling so good, is a nice remedy.

Other Do's: lean grilled chicken and turkey. Dogs also love the snap of green beans - and they are good for them.

"When we have a barbecue, I feel bad for my dog Leroy and he gets his own plate of the sweet potatoes, the chicken, the turkey and green beans," Rinaldi said. 

Hot dogs can go either way, a little bite is okay, in moderation.

Watch the video to get a better view of  Oreo and Yankee, two adorable pups looking for a home.

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