Sun dogs in Detroit: An atmospheric phenomenon and also a wink from a Starr

This week, if you looked towards the sun Tuesday, you may have noticed one or maybe even two bright spots on each side of the sun. They're called Sun Dogs but they also have a deeper meaning to us at FOX 2 this week.

Sun dogs are created by ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. The ice crystals are formed in cirrus clouds and create a halo around the sun.

When the sun rays hit them, the crystals act like tiny little prisms and refract light around it. It creates a halo around the sun and two flashes on either side.

It's a very cool and rare phenomenon. 

But it's more than that.

To Derek Kevra, and all of us at FOX 2, we see it as something different this week. 

"It's a reminder that beauty surrounds us. to me, it was a little wink from a star," Derek said.

We couldn't agree more.