Sunday morning ice storm leaves 300k without power

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The ice is pretty evident, it’s covering cars and windows, pretty remarkable stuff.

The winds, not quite so visible.

Halleck St between Dequindre and Goddard gusts of 20-30 miles per hour creating scenes like this across metro Detroit.

When you’re the owner of this red Cadillac, a tree brought down on top of it after whipping and howling winds. To you mother nature just isn’t any good.

“No she isn’t she made me very upset,” John Harris said.
Early Sunday morning the ice storm creating the kind of havoc we’ve seen but not the kind we anticipate in April.

“we last had an April ice storm in 2003, so it wasn’t what we were expecting but these are the things we deal with,” Trevor Lauer said, DTE president of Electric Co.

DTE had more than 310-thousand customers impacted. At Santa Clara a sign knocked on its side, power lines wrapped all askew.

St Mary’s and Keeler, Trees down, cars having to weave their way around.

The problem high winds, yes. and the ice when it’s on trees and power lines, its heavy, and when that stuff falls It could smash your window. Just chalk it up to Michigan weather.

Crews working it out, if you see caution tape, don’t get close. There are plenty sights across metro Detroit.

Stay 20 back feet from down lines and call 911. DTE says they’d been planning for the ice storm since Thursday, they moved about 100 crew’s north of I-69.

But the impact was more broad of the 12-hundred wires down. Detroit and Wayne county were shocked to be impacted as much as they were.

Hillary: How long will it take to get the lights on?

DTE estimates as of 9:30 pm power has been restored to more than 80,000. customers, and 290,000 remain without power.

400 crews from a neighboring state are coming in tomorrow to help out.

Tip: keep generators outside to avoid CO2 poisoning.