Support group starts for mothers of murder victims still unsolved

Too many mothers around metro Detroit are still waiting for justice. Now, police are reaching out to make sure these victims aren't forgotten.

"It will be five years Saturday that my son has been gone," says Rose Ford. It's an anniversary she doesn't want any part of. 

Darrryle Miller Jr. was home from college when he was gunned down in Detroit over a pair of designer glasses, his mother says. The person who pulled the trigger is still at large and her calls to police have not provided any answers.

"What's going on with my son's case - and they told me it was 'inactive,'" she says.

Andrea Clark founded Mothers of Murdered Children as a support group after her son was shot and killed in Detroit.

"That's where I step out of myself and step into the shoes of those mothers who cases don't get investigated or solved," Clark said.

Although his case was solved, Clark says many mothers are left without answers.

"We label some cases as inactive but our officers are constantly reaching out," says Cmdr. Marlon Wilson of Detroit police. "Whether it's through crime stoppers, community meetings, doing everything we can."

That's why Clark's organization teamed up with Detroit Police to work together to get results both sides want.

The organization says it selected 10 cases they want police to dig deeper into.

"We select these cases to ask homicide to take another look," Clark said.

One of the cases selected is the murder case of Ford's son.

She has not heard from Detroit police since she was last interviewed by FOX 2 about her son's murder in April and she wants her son's case added to the list.

"Whatever movement we have to be involved in to get this done," said Tonyie Andrews-Johnson, whose son was murdered.

Grieving mothers hope this partnership will help bring them the peace they need to move forward.

"The men and women of the homicide unit are trying to do everything we can to bring closure to these cases," Clark said.

For more information, go to on Facebook: Mothers of murdered children Detroit

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