Survivors of Larry Nassar point blame at MSU president Simon

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The voices of dozens of brave young women were heard loud and clear in a Lansing courtroom this week.

Survivors of Larry Nassar's sexual abuse are getting the final word and Friday they also lashed out at Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon.
"It's a shame when you hear stuff like that like when you hear they know things were going on and they kept covering it up. Because then it perpetuates and keeps happening again so people think they can get away with it," said MSU student Christina Badia.

A message, written on stone "Time's Up" sums up how many MSU students feel about President Lou Anna Simon. The Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal happened, in part, on her watch.

"I think it would be right to the victims for her to step down," said student Madison Nacker.

According to a Detroit News investigation at least 14 MSU officials were told Nassar assaulted young women. Simon claims she never knew who the culprit was.

"(Ex-Coach) Kathy Klages was coaching me and you had no idea who I was," said one student-athlete to Simon earlier this week.

Nassar's victims don't buy it they blasting Simon in their impact statements. Simon has only attended one hearing.

"I do not want to hear another expletive excuse from you," said one survivor Alexis Alvarado in court about Simon. "You need to be here to listen to us. You’re part of the reason we are here for not stopping this."

"Calls have been renewed for MSU president Lou Anna Simon to resign," said another survivor Morgan McCaul. "The fact that she has yet do so, is so insulting to the hundreds of survivors like me."

MSU's student paper, the student government and even state legislators are calling for Simon's ouster. But MSU's board of trustees is standing behind her in a prepared statement after a four-hour closed door meeting:

"We continue to believe President Simon is the right leader for the university and she has our support."

"We love the job she's doing, she does a good job," said trustee Joel Ferguson. 

Reporter: "So the lawmakers have got this wrong?"

"I didn't know they're here."

Some students say the board deserves a gold medal because it takes a lot of moral gymnastics to give Simon a vote of confidence.

"Just knowing victims in general and knowing that these people are watching her still make a salary, still be in charge of the university and she is having no consequences, it's really hard to watch," said Lauren Driscoll.

The board asked attorney general to investigate how the university handled the sex abuse scandal something Schuette says he will in fact do.

In the meantime, Nassar could be sentenced in Ingham County sometime next week.