Suspect arrested for murder of Detroit woman

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A suspect is in custody in connection to the murder of a Detroit woman he met on

A police source claimed two men had been arrested at a home near Dartmouth and Manistee in Oak Park in connection to Cynthia Worthy's murder.

But Detroit police confirmed on Friday that there was only one man taken into custody and that the information came out sooner than Chief James Craig would have liked.

"When someone makes the decision to release something prematurely it has the effect to undermine the great work," said Chief James Craig.  "That's the frustration you are hearing from me and the individuals who are doing the great work."

OnStar helped track the 23-year old's missing car to a secluded area in Oak Park but that is all Detroit police are saying about Worthy's murder.

Family members said in an interview earlier in the week, she was supposed to meet up with a man she met on the escort site but was never seen after that.

"We had finally convinced her to stop and she enrolled in school," said Shawn Willis, Worthy's father. "She was looking for jobs she was on the right track.

A track that unfortunately ended in this alley in the 4000 block of Davison when Worthy's body was discovered partially clothed and stabbed multiple times.

Back on Dartmouth Street a woman who claims to be the suspect's mother, says there is no way her son could have done this and that police have the wrong man.

A report will now be sent to the prosecutor's office to determine if any charges will be filed.

"This family in this incident is certainly encouraged to know we have put in a relentless effort to hold someone responsible," Craig said.

Worthy's parents did not want to talk on camera until the case against their daughter's killer is more concrete. They will say they are pleased and hopeful that someone is in custody.

A GoFundMe account has been created to help pay for Cynthia's funeral expenses. Her parents say they appreciate what has been given they could use more help. To contribute, CLICK HERE