Suspect in custody for body-slamming, robbing man at Detroit party store

The Detroit Police Department said a suspect is in custody for picking up a man and body-slamming a man after he cashed his check at a Detroit party store last week.

Detroit Police Assistant Chief Charles Fitzgerald announced a suspect was identified and arrested for the assault and robbery of Emad Aladany at Big V Party Store in Detroit.

According to his family, Aladany was cashing his paycheck at the store and walking out with his money when he was viciously attacked on video.

The GoFundMe page $5,000 to help the family pay for hospital bills and more. 

"(This is) a really horrible incident where a man was going in to cash his paycheck and he was picked up and dropped on his head and robbed of $1,400," Fitzgerald said.

Police responded immediately but the suspect was gone. However, witnesses recognized him and helped police identify him.

Fitzgerald said the suspect fled to Taylor but they were able to take him into custody this week.

The suspect was not identified and charges are pending with the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

Aladany's condition has been upgraded to stable, Fitzgerald said.