Suspect in Detroit quadruple murders had 'hit list', police say

Police said the man who shot and killed 3 people at a gas station and then another man at a home a few blocks away may have had more people on a hit list.

George Davis Jr. died in Ohio from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The man was believed to have killed four people - including the mother of his baby, his own cousin, a well-known Deacon, and an innocent bystander earlier in the day on Monday.

3 killed in gas station shooting on Fenkell, 4th killed minutes later on Faust

According to Detroit police, more could have died as Davis had a 'hit list' of people he wanted killed. The first shooting happened at the Sunoco gas station at 22700 Fenkell Ave. Three people were killed there, two women in their 20s and a man in his 60s. Shortly after, police were called to home on Faust about two miles away where a man was found dead there as well. 

Davis was the prime suspect in the murders and led police to Van Buren where he carjacked a driver there. Romulus Police say the suspect went to Van Buren and Romulus in search of more relatives they say Davis wanted to "gun down"

'Pillar of community' among innocent victims in senseless murder spree

As Davis traveled toward Toledo, the Luna Pier Police Chief says he and the Erie Township Police Department caught up with him on I-75 near milemarker 6. They chased him into Ohio where state police there picked up the chase.

"It wound up in Lake Township, State highway patrol engaged in that pursuit. it terminated here one individual was shot. Not an officer-involved shooting," Lake Township Police Chief Mark Hummer said.

Timothy Miller drives a truck and was at the truck stop on I-75 at I-280 in Toledo. He said out of nowhere, he heard sirens and saw police.

"I saw black gentleman come around through the grass between my truck and another truck. I was gonna tackle him until I saw the gun and I backed off," Miller said. "At that point, that's when he shot himself."

Miller says his wife watched it happen and calls it a terrifying moment. 

Chase with gas station triple murder suspect ends in Ohio