Suspect wanted for robbing same gas station 25 times

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A Detroit gas station owner is desperate to catch a crook he claims has robbed him several times over the years.

They're hoping you recognize him and can help police finally track him down.

On security video, a cashier threatens to call the police but behind a Detroit gas station counter - the thief doesn't seem fazed one bit.

"This guy don't care... You call the police he says he don't care."

Inside this Valero gas station at Greenfield and Schoolcraft, owner Mo Rustam says he first dealt with this guy in 2004.

"The first day I was working myself and he got me for $150," Rustam said.

Since then, Rustam estimates this crook has stolen over $10,000 worth of, well, whatever he can grab.

"He got me at this gas station 25 times," Rustam said. "And then he hit me about 15 times at my Schaefer and I-96 gas station."

Rustam says each time the man comes in, he pretends he's on his cell phone, wandering around. This time he actually grabbed a box of garbage bags and used one to steal snacks and motor oil.

"He was locked up for two and a half years, we haven't had a problem from this guy for two and a half years," Rustam said. "He just got out and he's doing the same thing again."

The thief even messed with the store's locks before causally making his escape.

Rustam says he sees this thief scoping out new cashiers to trick them. So, every time a new employee is hired he has to train them to specifically watch out for this guy.

Not wanting his employees to get hurt  Rustam says he's worried this guy who is making a living off of stealing, may escalate.

Already hurting his business and his employees Rustam is now asking his neighbors to help them out - and is offering a cash reward.

"Five hundred dollars, I want this guy put back in jail," Rustam said. "This way I can sleep good and won't have to worry about this guy hitting my stores."