Suspect wanted for shooting at Taylor police taunts officers with social media rap

A dangerous suspect remains on the run after opening fire on Taylor police last week.

Ryan Ramsey's alias is "StrikeBaby" and he's been known to frequent most of Wayne County including Belleville, Detroit, Inkster, Taylor  and Romulus. And now the US Marshals are involved.

"He needs to get of the streets," said Lt. Frank Canning. "Without even a second glance he started shooting at the police."

An active warrant was issued for Ramsey, 19, for allegedly shooting at Taylor police officers last Tuesday at the Ponds Townhomes – off Eureka, near Inkster Road.

Officers were there for an unrelated call when they spotted Ramsey, acting odd.

"It appeared he was walking with a stiff leg and based on the officers' training, they believed he was in possession of a rifle," Canning said.

They were right.

"He took off running as they went to pursue him, he pulled a rifle out of his pant leg and fired a round off at the officers," he said.

Canning said no one was shot and officers did not return fire.

Quickly they developed a suspect and say it was Ramsey. They soon learned he was wanted for questioning in a recent homicide in Inkster.

Their investigation led them to a home in Van Buren Township Friday – where they executed a search warrant and prepared for the worst-case scenario.

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"A high-risk search warrant we have a tactical team, so that night we had the assistance of Homeland Security Tactical Operation along with Downriver SWAT," Canning said.

Ramsey wasn’t there – and after that, he even started taunting police on social media, rapping about being able to get away.

Taylor police is now enlisting the US marshals in their search. Based on what he’s wanted for, Canning says, do not approach him - call 911 instead.

"Ryan should know his days on the run are numbered," he said.