Suspected child predator arrested after mother's plea to FOX 2

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Detroit police have arrested a suspected child predator.

FOX 2 first told you about this case last month. A mother reported a sex assault on her 11-year-old daughter but the man remained free as the case investigator went on vacation.

Wednesday night, Erica Underwood described the moment she learned 50-year-old Darrell Harris, the man accused of sexually assaulting her 11-year-old daughter, was arrested.

"It was wonderful," she said. "I couldn't believe it. Like wow, because they just went looking for him today/

"I am overjoyed, my daughter is happy, we are ecstatic," she said.

Mom scared; suspected child predator could remain free for months

The arrest came after authorities admittedly dropped the ball in the case. FOX 2 first told you about that back in January.

An investigator with Detroit police went on vacation before completing the warrant request for Harris. This, after Erica was promised it would be done the same day after she went to police with the allegation and evidence supporting the claim.

Nearly a month went by before the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office received that warrant request. And they told Erica it would take another two months to review it.

That was before FOX 2 got involved. 

"It went from two months to reviewing it within two days," Harris said.

A prosecuting attorney signed off on the warrant Tuesday and police caught up with Harris near Duprey and Morang on Detroit's east side around 9 p.m. Wednesday night.

The arrest comes as a relief for Erica and her family. They are now a step closer to getting justice.

"Thanks to you Mr. Wimbley for shining the light for me because it was kind of hard to get a little exposure on the case," she said. "But I was able to do it with FOX2 and I really do appreciate that."

Police say Harris could be arraigned tomorrow.