Suspected drunk driver plows into MSP trooper in construction zone

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It could have been so much worse but that doesn't mean it shouldn't have happened: an on-duty Michigan State Trooper is hit by a suspected drunk driver.

The officer sustained several injuries but will survive. Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw said Trooper Jacalyn Raab was working construction on I-75 when a drunk driver ran into the 29-year-old veteran of MSP.

"If you take a drunk driver from behind the wheel and you don't have incidents like this," Shaw said.

Raab was sent to a construction zone on the interstate at Joslyn Road to block off construction lanes when the driver plowed into her.

"We put 2 trooper cars out there with their lights activated just to give people a warning that construction is active, slow down and be careful," Shaw said. "This drunk individual who was proceeding northbound on 75 went around one of the patrol cars that was in the lane.. Came behind and struck other vehicle."

Trooper Raab's vehicle shows just how powerful that impact was:

Shaw said she was admitted with neck and back pain. She also has a broken wrist and bumps and bruises. However, the accident could have been much worse.

"If we wouldn't have been there this individual would have driven right through to construction zone and probably killed at least 3 or 4 construction workers," Shaw said.

Officials say the driver was arrested and is currently behind bars. More evidence is being collected and will be turned over to the prosecutor's office for review