Suspected serial female bank robber arraigned in federal court

A two-county hunt for an accused serial bank robber is finally over with a 23-year-old woman in court Friday.

Dajanae Jordan of Grosse Pointe Park was arraigned in federal court and charged with bank robbery or trying to rob at least five banks within a few days. Police caught Jordan on Halloween in Madison Heights.

Investigators say the woman's crime spree began about two weeks ago. The woman usually handed a note to each teller and demanded cash.
Her alleged first stop was Chase Bank in Warren, but she didn't have much luck. The teller did not see a weapon and denied her demands. Jordan left without any problems.

But the next morning police say Jordan showed up across town at a Vibe Credit Union in Sterling Heights. Her demands again were denied. The woman left empty-handed.

It wasn't until she got to a Comerica Bank in Macomb Township that her plan finally worked. Jordan allegedly got away with a small amount of large bills.

The Macomb County Sheriff's office says she took off speeding away in a silver car. But it didn't take long for the apparently busy bank robber to hit up another location.

Just a half hour later, police say Jordan walking into a Flagstar Bank on Big Beaver Road in Troy where police there say this time she implied she had a weapon.  Even though the teller didn't see one, Jordan fled with more cash.
But after getting away with about $2,500 from a Chase Bank in Madison Heights Oct. 25, her luck ran out. 

Five days later, police say she tried to rob the same bank again. She got away, but then ditched her car, and ran through a nearby subdivision.

Neighbors called police after seeing her hop into a burgundy Jeep driven by a man. The two later caught on I-75 near Eight Mile with the help of Hazel Park and state police.

Madison Heights police say when speaking with the man who picked her up, he had no idea she'd just robbed a bank. He has not been charged.

But the 23-year-old is now facing prison time. Cameras were not allowed inside federal court Friday to show the disheveled and apparently nervous young woman in cuffs.

Her detention hearing is scheduled for Monday afternoon.