Suspects break into New Hudson gun store but leave empty-handed on video

A break-in at the gun store happened just one mile from an Oakland County Sheriff substation in Lyon Township - and while they left without getting what they came for, there is a concern they'll strike again.

It wasn't for a lack of trying, security video shows three people trying to get access to a showroom full of firearms at Huron Valley Guns in New Hudson.

"All three came in through there," said NIck Swadish, sales manager.

It was around 1:30 Tuesday morning when a newer model gray Jeep appeared on the lawn of the gun store.

"They cased around the building, looking in various doors and windows then went around to the backside of the building," said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

This gunstore has an attached restaurant, Molly Pitcher's Cafe.

"They broke in through the door and then proceeded to try and get into the showroom," Swadish said.

"Then they had to go through another door to get into that and they were not able to breach it," Bouchard said.

All their slamming on the reinforced doors did, was trigger the alarms. When that happened, the would-be thieves went scrambling back the way they came, empty-handed.

"Our concern is they are going to look to do this again somewhere because they have that in mind," Bouchard said.

He says the stats back up that theory. There is a real likelihood they will attempt a similar crime.

"Ninety-five percent of the crime we see every day, is someone carrying and using a gun illegally or someone with a stolen gun," said Bouchard. "Those two, if we can tackle those, all the other discussions we are having about gun violence, tend to dry up."

This scenario was eerily familiar to the employees at Huron Valley Guns.

"We had one a few years ago. they tried to get in the same way and then tried to get into showroom but they failed," Swadish said

So the sheriff is releasing the video, hoping someone will turn them in, before their crimes go according to plan.