Suspects in Halloween masks rob Eastpointe stores

It was a trick, not a treat as a pair of suspects in Halloween masks held up stores in Eastpointe.

They have been connected in separate Wednesday night robberies - one at the Family Dollar on Gratiot at 9:30 and one at  7-11 on E. Nine Mile Road at 11:15.

A Super Kelly Beauty near the Family Dollar store had parking lot security camera footage of the suspects, revealing a third person.

It shows them walking in the direction of the Family Dollar. One can be seen adjusting something around his face and minutes later you see the trio running away before police arrive at the scene.

"I'm more disappointed than anything," said Jeovoni Gojcaj, the manager at Super Kelly. "Eastpointe is safe city; it is a great city to be in. It is just more depressing than anything."

FOX 2 showed the video to the owner of the 7-11 who would not go on camera, but said the same men were at his store. Two came inside to conduct the robbery and one served as a lookout.

The owner of the 7-11 says is the third time his store has been robbed in the past 40 days and he believes the suspects are the same in each incident.