Suspects shoot at clerk over $2.69 nachos

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Two suspects in Las Vegas are in jail after they tried walking out with a tray of nachos at a convenience store and shot at the store clerk for telling them they had to pay.

The two men walked into the Vegas AM/PM and spent quite a while making a tray of nachos. Then they turned to walk away with their nachos, instead of paying the $2.69 for the snack. When the clerk told them they had to pay, he told police they turned and said "We're gangsters who don't pay."

The employee followed the two outside and confronted the two before turning around and heading back inside. Police said 24-year-old Anthony Gioiosa followed the employee back in the store, pointed a gun at him and pulled the trigger.

Store manager Jamie Bandez said the shot missed the employee and is now lodged into the store's ATM. He believes Gioiosa and his friend were likely intoxicated and he tells his employees not to follow people, even if they steal from the store.

Gioiosa is facing burglary, assault, and other weapons charges for his $2.69 snack attack.