SUV driver loses control crashing into salon, hitting woman

McAlpine said that the woman said "Please help, it hurts."

Police suspect the 77-year-old driver may have suffered some kind of medical condition but that is still being investigated. The pedestrian is in stable condition.

The elderly driver and her passenger were taken to the hospital - along with the 56-year-old woman who was hit.

The victim's brother rushed  to the scene and said she broke her ankle, has a large cut on her leg but says she will be okay.

"It was blessed that she didn't sustain ... she's injured but it could have been worse," said Robert Elwart. 

The owner of the building said nothing like this has happened in the last 45 years. 

McAlpine said that due to how some drivers speed through the parking lot, it was only a matter of time. 

"People drive so crazy in and out of here all the time," she said. "They're careless, they don't pay attention."