Swartz Creek Schools remixes Old Town Road for back to school music video

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They're baaaaaaack.

The unofficial vloggers from Swartz Creek Community Schools known for their renditions of Frozen's 'Let it Go' and 'Hallelujah' have returned with another amateur music video. So what popular, viral summer hit could possibly be the next target of the school's principle and superintendent? 

Old Town Road by Lil Nas X of course. And the revised lines are something to behold:

"I'm gonna ride my bus down my hometown road, I'm gonna try to do my best in school" belts School Principle Jim Kitchen

"We got the books all in a stack, covers still attached, pavements new and black hope my car doesn't get scratched" raps Superintendent Ben Mainka.

You probably recall the duo singing (incredibly well) Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah after a snow day announcement. This time, it's a back to school rendition incorporating more than just the administrative pair. 

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It sports fellow teachers in cowboy hats and students showing off their dance moves. And even a coin-operated horse you'd find at the grocery store.

Considering the high production value of their new music video, it's likely the school's budget ballooned to compensate for the Internet hero's antics. Enjoy: