Sweet Soul Bistro serving soul food with a twist

We all know there's a lot of soul in Detroit when it comes to music and food. A restaurant on the city's west side blends both of those together. 

Toya Green, the owner of Sweet Soul Bistro says her menu is soul food with a high-end twist. She's opened up the place three years ago now. 

"I know it's a twist, but you're still taking us back to mom's, or auntie or grandma," Josh Landon says to her.  "Yes, but auntie don't do lobster mac," she smiles. 

She's also having fun with the musical icons from Detroit.

"I'm playing around with the names. Aretha Franklin. Oh, she's fierce. "Fierce catfish." I thought about Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder, "Wonderful wings." Smokey Robinson. He's a native of Detroit as well so why not name something after him? "Smokey Robinson smokey ribs." So everything kind of plays off their names."

You can watch in the video player above as Josh checks out some of their food. 

You can check out Sweet Soul Bistro at Six Mile and Schaffer.