Take a swing at these healthy ballpark options this baseball season

Baseball season includes a wide array of ballpark food.

But partaking in the festivities can become a bit problematic if you're trying to keep up your healthy habits.

Cleveland Clinic wellness expert Dr. Michael Roizen says that you can eat healthy at the ballpark, but it takes a little work.

"Explore the different food options - one, is you get more steps," said Roizen. "And two, there are some really healthy options at the ballpark, but you've got to find them."

Roizen says that most ballparks offer a variety of options other than the standard hotdog, but they're not available at your seat. By getting up and walking around to see what the ballpark has to offer, you're going to get in more steps along the way, which is also helpful.

Roizen says it's important to look for foods that you love, but that also love you back in return. One ballpark staple that is good for you, he says, are peanuts.

Some other healthy options at Comerica Park:

Chicken fajita wrap

Chicken stir fry

Fresh salad

Fresh-cut fruit and yogurt

Grilled chicken sandwich/wrap

Gyros with grilled vegetables

Hummus plate

Street tacos


Veggie pizza

Veggie stir fry

He also recommends getting yourself a big bottle of water, to help keep you hydrated - and don't wait until the seventh inning to get up and stretch.

If you can, he recommends trying to get seats on the end of the aisle, so that you don't have to disturb the folks around you every time you get up.

Roizen says, if you can, remember four things to do while at the game: have a lot of water, get a pack of peanuts, do some walking, and don't forget to wear sunscreen.