Tanning beds can cause skin damage, so why not spray tans?

Dreams of warm sandy beaches and sun kissed skin often start to invade our minds as we get closer to the springtime in Michigan. But the dream can turn into a nightmare if we don't protect ourselves. 

The sun or a tanning bed can cause damage, raising our risk for wrinkles and skin cancer. So, Deena Centofanti checked out another option: the spray tan. 

She went to Sol Potion, a Michigan company owner by two women who have created more than two dozen colors. 

"We designed our formulas to have over 25 colors we don't want one soulution to fit all," said Michele Major of sol potion studio.

You want to be pretty much naked to get an even spray tan. Doctors love it because it's simply a stain, without damage, using a chemical called DHA. 

When you do actually go outside in the real sun you still have to protect yourself. And the FDA has new recommendations about what two ingredients to look for in your sunscreen. 

"Titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, those are general reguarded as safe and effective physical sunblocks," said Dr. Steve Grekin, a dermotologist.

If you're interested in a spray tan, at Sol Potion each visit will cost you on average about $50.