Teacher makes videos with students to promote support for school sports

An Orchard Lake St. Mary's teacher is having luck keeping his students motivated -- all on social media. 

"Times have changed you got to adapt to the way the kids learn now days," said Kevin McCarty. "It's 2019, I figured why not? So I got myself a Twitter account and I just came up with these videos to pump up the team."

Kevin McCarty is already the cool teacher at St. Mary's Prep. Now, he's pretty much solidified that title. 

"I don't know how Mr. McCarty comes up with these plots but they are really cool," senior Cooper Mills said.

This idea to make these short videos once a week happened last year as a way for McCarty to boost morale at the all boys school of about 500.

"We film it in class and I edit it, and I tweet it out and then within minutes, we get a lot of views," he said.

They're simple -- all done on his iPhone, but the kids love it.

"People are always when is the next video, when's the next video? Is it coming today, is it coming tomorrow?" Mills said.

"He might tweet it 4th hour and then everybody comes up to like oh that video was funny in 5th hour and it's just great," said senior Loren Bowman II.

This season, the videos promote football game and next season will be basketball.

Brotherhood is the motto here, and since these videos started, it's bringing these kids together.

"Even the guys that are quiet usually they get right into it usually they are the best performers," McCarty said.

Instead of shying away from the social media scene, McCarty is embracing it and it's working.