Teen battles to recover from shooting after Easter drive-by

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Jarius Durrah wants justice for his twin brother, 17-year-old Josiah, shot in the neck the evening of Easter Sunday.

"He's just such a kind-hearted person - this should not have happened to him," said Jarius.

Josiah was shot as he and his brother were driving down Schoenherr Road on Detroit's east side. 

"It was a total of five shots fired at the car," said Josiah. 

Five bullets fired from a black car that sped away on Lappin. One bullet hit Josiah in the neck and coming out through his jaw. That same bullet grazed their 26-year-old brother's arm.

Josiah and his brother went to a nearby house for help but nobody answered the door. They took his shirt, wrapped it around his neck and they say that saved his life.

"That stopped the bleeding - they said if that didn't happen my brother would have bled to death," Josiah said. "They say he's lucky to be alive."

Alive but hospitalized - undergoing the first of many surgeries. Josiah is unable to speak right now, but still able to communicate with his twin brother.

"He can't talk, he wrote it out - he said that he wants me to do the story because he wants the people that did this to be found," his brother said.

And so Jarius is sharing his story hoping someone - who knows something - is listening.

"What happened to my twin was wrong - what happened to my brothers was wrong," he said. "We don't even know who the people were. We don't know why they did it - we don't have any clue.

"It's sad because now every time I think of Easter I'm going to think that's the day my brothers got shot at.

"I just want justice; I need somebody brought forth for this - this was wrong - this should not have happened to my brother."

Call Detroit police (313-596-5200) or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-Speak-Up with any information on the shooting.