Teen dies after car she was in crashes into fire truck on I-94

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A 15-year-old girl killed after the car she's riding in slams into the back of a fire truck.

The deadly crash killed Christina Snyder late Monday night in Ypsilanti. Now the victim's friend and that girl's father are in critical condition.

Friends of the teen say they were out with Snyder and her friend, 15-year-old Michelle Horn at the Sumpter Township Festival Monday night.

Michigan State Police say Michelle's father, 34-year-old Charles Horn, picked them up in his 2007 Ford Explorer was heading westbound on I-94 near Grove road in Ypsilanti.

Police say fire crews responding to a rollover accident had blocked off a lane with a fire truck.

"The driver that hit the truck must not have seen the fire truck and crashed into the rear of it," said Lt. Joel Allen, Michigan State Police.

The fire truck barely budged as Horn's Explorer was smashed. All three were wearing their seat belts. Police are unsure how fast he was going.

Friends and family are sending messages of love to Snyder, 15, of Ypsilanti as they can't believe the teen is really gone.

"I love you Christina,  I hope to see you one day soon," said Keegan Delaney, a friend of the victim. "Fly high baby girl."

The Ypsilanti fire chief says normally they would have used the Jaws of Life to pull the victims from the car, but couldn't because Horn's car became stuck on the back door and the Jaws of Life couldn't be accessed.

The three were rushed to the hospital with Charles and Michelle in critical condition but Snyder died from her injuries.

"I'm upset about it and my friends who I was with last night are even closer with them than I was - and are very upset about it," Delaney said.

Charles Horn suffered severe injuries to his face and underwent surgery Tuesday. The family of Charles and Michelle says they both suffered a lot of broken bones.

"That's sad, very sad," said Debbie Mabry, a neighbor of Michelle. "It’s unimaginable."

Court records show Charles Horn has been on parole for just three months convicted of armed robbery and drug offenses.

Records also show he just got his license back two months ago. His family says although he's had a rough road, he's gotten his life back on track and loved spending time with his daughter.

State police say they're unsure if Horn tried to stop the car as it appeared to have been going freeway speeds and are unsure if alcohol or drugs contributed.

"At this point there's no indication that there was or was not, but that is part of our investigation," Allen said.

But now  everyone is thinking of these two families.

"I'm praying for you guys," Delaney said. "We're going to get through this all together."