Teen held hostage by intruder who attacked him with scissors

A 15-year-old boy held hostage, he faced the armed intruder to protect his sister and her baby.

The teen was practicing his boxing moves in his Dearborn basement at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday when he realized he was in a fight for his life.

"I was scared, terrified," he said. "I turned around, I see a random guy covered with blood. He had a cut and he was cutting his hand.

"He was telling me to call cops and tell them someone's trying to kill me."

The high school sophomore who does not want to be identified says he tried to get away from the intruder, and then he was attacked and later, held against his will.

"It looked like he was trying to come at me with scissors," the teen said. "I pushed him away and ran upstairs but he caught me by shirt and put the scissors to my neck."

The teen says his sister who was with her baby, heard the commotion and woke up.

"I told the guy why are you hurting him, what are you doing, who is this," said the teen's sister.

"He tries to go after her but I said, 'Take me instead,'" he said. "She went outside and called for help."

"I go to room call 911 and say someone is trying to kill me," said the teen, but the suspect grabbed the phone, throwing it and breaking it.

The victim says his brother also tried to get the suspect to let him go. That was when police arrived to the house and started talking to the suspect who was allowed to call his family

"He called cousin and brother (asking) them do you love me," the teen said.

After negotiating for close to an hour, police say was the suspect surrendered. He was taken into custody and transported to a hospital for treatment.

Police believe the suspect may have entered through an unlocked door.

The victim says he is willing to look beyond the terrifying moments that took place in his house and forgive the suspect.

"If he has mental problems, I'm going to forgive him," the teen said. "I feel safe now, it's over."