Teen hospitalized after being shot on Detroit's west side

A teenager was rushed to the hospital after being shot late Sunday in a string of violence that startled locals.

"I ended up seeing a post later on Instagram that said a 16-year-old got shot," said one neighbor. "How do you go from an argument to getting shot in the face?"

Detroit police wouldn't confirm where the teen was struck but did say they are now investigating the shooting by an unknown suspect. 

It happened around 7:30 p.m. Sunday night.

One young mom was coming home when she saw evidence of the shooting.

"I was coming back from the store and seen bunch of police with flashlights and stuff. They told us ‘someone had been shot’," said Tee, who declined to be identified.

She isn't aware of who the victim is or what sparked the shooting. For the west side resident, seeing the chaos was startling as she's not accustomed to seeing violence in her neighborhood.

It happened on Cheyenne between Joy and Tireman. 

"I was kinda shocked cause I’ve been living here a year nothing ever happens - at least not on this block anyway," she said.

Police would only confirm the victim was struck during an altercation. There is no description for the suspect. If anyone has information, they're asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.