Teen killed by hit-and-run driver while coming home for curfew

Police are hoping surveillance video will help crack the case of a deadly hit-and-run accident. 

A teen was killed Saturday night by the hit-and-run driver as he was on his way home with some family members. The accident happened at the intersection of 7 Mile Road and Caldwell on the city's east side around 10 p.m. The teen was trying to make it home in time for curfew. 

Detroit Police released surveillance video of the suspected vehicle involved. They say a black SUV seen in the video is what hit 15-year-old Jerry Grasty -- but the family members who were there say he was hit by a silver car seen in the video. Jerry's sister and cousin were with him at the time. 

 "You just left my baby in the street like a dog," says his mother, Sheliah Grasty. He had a bright future. Lord, he did."

Jerry was a member of the ROTC and about to be a sophomore at Osborn High School. He was rushed to a nearby hospital after the accident where he was pronounced dead. 

Police are working to determine which vehicle, in fact, hit Jerry. Meanwhile, though, both police and witnesses say Jerry's body flew up in the air from the impact of the crash, and that's when a second car hit him. The driver of that second car did stop. 

His mother has a message for that first driver who hit her son and just kept going. 

"Maybe you were going too fast. I don't care about that, though. I just want you to turn yourself in and do what's right. My baby didn't deserve that."