Motorcycle crash kills 19-year-old; police urge caution on the roads this spring

A 19-year-old is dead after a motorcycle crashed at high speed on I-94 at Merriman.

Police say that two motorcyclists were speeding when the victim lost control and crashed into a light pole. He was pronounced dead on scene.

"There’s just not a lot to protect you on a motorcycle when you start to lose control like that," said 1st Lt. Michael Shaw, Michigan State Police. "When you have a crash at 100 miles an hour say, and you’re on a motorcycle, you’re not going to survive that."

Shaw says with warmer weather - more motorcyclists are hitting the roads and safety is paramount - whether you’re a motorcycle rider — or just sharing the road.

"We want our drivers to look out for motorcycles, make sure that you check twice," Shaw said. "But we also want our motorcycle operators to be responsible. Wear that helmet, wear that vest, make sure you’re visible and follow the traffic rules."

"Look twice, save a life." It is a motto Shawn Kritzer knows well. He teaches riding classes at Motown Harley Davidson in Taylor to instill safe practices for riders of all ages.

"You get time to ride on our motorcycles," he said. "You get time to figure it out and ride in our parking lot where it’s a safe, and kind of a sterile environment, before you get out here to Telegraph."

That way you can stay safe — and enjoy the ride.