Teen killed in minibike crash on Detroit's west side

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WEB UPDATE: A GoFundMe page has been established for the family's funeral costs. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

A teenager was killed in a mini bike accident but police say he was being reckless.

The crash happened at Rosemont and Paul streets on the west side of Detroit.

The 14-year-old died while the woman driving the car he hit, was not injured.

Police say the 14-year-old on a mini-bike ran a stop sign. Officers say a cruiser on patrol noticed the mini bike speeding and operating erratically and the driver swerving.

The officer activated overhead lights for a short period then made the decision to turn them off and stop the pursuit. 

The officer saw the mini bike run a stop sign at the intersection of Rosemont and Paul streets. A female civilian in a white 2004 Pontiac Gran Prix had the right of way her car was struck in the side. 

Police say the dash cam video reveals the crash occurred after the overhead lights were cut.

"Lights go off and about 10 seconds later you see commotion and that's when the young man was traveling northbound and disregarded the stop sign," said Cmdr. Jacqueline Pritchett, Detroit police. "A white vehicle was travelling westbound Paul and he struck her rear left door as she was driving westbound."

Joey Berry says he's a cousin of the victim and he says the victim's twin brother was also riding a mini bike at the same time.

"The police was chasing him and didn't have any sirens on," Berry said. "There was a car right here and he flew off his bike."