Teen organizing concert to showcase young talent in Detroit

A talented young artist is spearheading an effort to showcase some of Detroit's budding stars.

Nya Simoné is only 13 years old and is homeschooled. She recently had the idea to shine a light on the talent that exists among other young people in Detroit and is organizing an event to do just that. The Make US Known: We Lit! concert is scheduled for 7 p.m. on January 27, 2018 at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

"Music brings people together. It's a universal thing," she says. 

Nya's mother says she picked up the bass guitar about two and a half years ago. 

"Nya has always had musical talent, but she was really shy. So, I kind of forced her to join the Michigan Opera Theatre Children's Chorus and she discovered her own love of music," explains Kiawna Rose. 

The budding bassist says she began playing the bass guitar while attending the 2015 Black Women Rock Summer Camp. Nya says she's always liked the way the instrument sounded. 

Then, she learned even more at another summer camp and met other talented teens. 

"We need to have more stuff like this because this is great. There are a lot of talented kids there," she says. 

Taking that idea to the stage, Nya creating her own show called "Make US Known: We Lit!" It's a concert and showcase of young talent including singers, dancers, rappers, filmmakers and visual artists.

"I think it's really important we give children an outlet," says Rose. "So I think it's really important to encourage them and it's a self-confidence booster."
So far, we're told about seven artists are scheduled to perform at the concert later this month. Nya's mother says, right now, the venue fee still needs to be paid so they are hoping to attract sponsors, mentors and, of course, more young talent.

Contact Rose Renee at (810) 545-6132 or rbmg@nsnpub.org for more information on Nya Simone' or the Make Us Known: We Lit! concert.