Teen sisters shot while riding with father in car

Two teenage girls were shot while driving through a Detroit neighborhood with their dad Thursday.

Detroit police say a bullet grazed the 16-year-old girl, while the17-year-old was hit. Both were rushed to Sinai Grace. 

Sources tell FOX 2 a bullet hit the 17-year-old in her arm. Both are expected to be okay and released from the hospital Friday.

Meanwhile, sources say it appears two groups of people had been arguing outside just before the shots were fired. Police found shell casings from a rifle. There are no witnesses as of this time.

Sources also say while the details of the apparent argument aren't clear, police are hoping answers will come as they review surveillance video from nearby homes.

Neighbors on Ilene near Florence on Detroit's west side are still startled.

"I heard shots, maybe five," said Sam Jenkins, a neighbor. "Then my wife came running in and said did you hear the shots?"

Later, walking out of his home Jenkins says Detroit police began surrounding the area.

"I think there were a couple of shells by my vehicle," Jenkins said. "Anytime you hear something like that, especially with children, it's troubling."

Detroit police and neighbors are asking anyone who may know who fired those potentially deadly shots  to do what's right.

"Law enforcement can only do so much," Jenkins said. "It takes the neighborhood to be their eyes and ears."