Teen Tips to get you through the week

by Alexa Doria and Adriana Doria

Schoolwork Sunday:

When you are finished with a unit in school, organize your notes, worksheets and quizzes into a file folder so you can easily access them for later use.  When you take notes in class, use colorful pens and highlighters to make important vocabulary stand out so that when you go to study for the exam, you can find that difficult vocabulary or important date easily and quickly.

Money Monday:
Before you buy that awesome new shirt or that new video game, think about if you really need it or if that money can be better spent on something that is truly a necessity for your life. Save your money so that you have a greater ability later on to buy items of luxury.

Techy Tuesday:
Before you post a picture or comment on someone else’s stop and think, “would I be okay showing this to my parents, grandparents, teachers, and/or the police?”  If not, then reconsider what you are going to do on social media because even if you delete it, it is never gone.

Whatever Wednesday:
Don't be afraid to be yourself. Embrace all of your amazing traits, your quirky personality, your talents and everything about yourself, because if you love yourself and believe in yourself, there is nothing and no one that can stop you from conquering the world.

Thirsty Thursday: 
If you are looking for a fabulous fall beverage that will refresh you, try a pumpkin spice latte.  It is the perfect pick me up for fall. 

Fashion Friday:
Lately a huge trend in the makeup world has been eyebrows!! Eyebrows are a huge factor in the structure of your face. Everyone has a different eyebrow shape whether that is straighter, more pointed, or very arched, try to find the natural shape of your eyebrow and enhance that through lightly filling them in with eyebrow gel to make them look more defined and full. This will frame your whole face and make you look more awake and fresh. 

Sports Saturday:
Attending your school’s big sporting events is a great way to show school spirit and have a great time with your friends outside of the classroom and forget about all the stresses that school can bring for a night.  Participating in sports, either at the intramural or competitive level, is a great way to get some exercise and stay healthy and active because while it is important to excel in the classroom, exercising will help you lead a more balanced and well-rounded life.