Teens arrested in home invasion murder of woman; her husband in custody for 2nd murder

One woman is dead and a total of three people in custody including the man who was the victim's husband and target of the armed break-in. Police say the husband is a suspect in a separate murder.

DPD Chief James White was tasked with explaining a complicated and tragic case.  Detroit police thought they were being called to the 9200 block of Minock for a home invasion Tuesday morning. It turns out, that was just the beginning.

"One of the suspects was armed with a gun, the other with an AR rifle," said White.

Police say both these armed home invaders were 17.  A husband and wife were home and during the break-in, police say one of the teens shot and killed the 32-year-old woman.

"It’s very possible that she was not the intended target," White said.

The husband armed himself and gave chase.

"He was able to disarm the one perpetrator and shoot the second perpetrator, but he still escaped and stole a bike,"

The injured intruder only made it so far on a stolen bike and ended up at a hospital. He is in custody and in critical condition.

The second suspect was held at gunpoint by the husband until police arrived. That's where police learned the case needs some more investigation.

"One of the perpetrators resides at the residence at least for the past couple of days and may be related to at least the male victim," White said.

Police say the husband, in addition to being a victim of home invasion and losing his wife in the violence, was also taken into custody. He is a suspect in another homicide.

As for that homicide case, Detroit police say it is too early in the investigation to release those details. 

Detroit Police Chief James White.

Detroit Police Chief James White.