Tense moments of armed robbery captured on camera at paint store

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Sherwin Williams employees were robbed at gunpoint while opening the Highland Park store Friday morning.

The suspect casually walked into a Highland Park Sherwin-Williams paint store with a red bandana around his face and a gun in his hand.  Employees quickly realized he was no customer.

"He just walked in nonchalant," said Det. Brian Menge, Highland Park police. "He wasn't yelling or screaming or anything like that."

Highland park police say at about 7:45 Friday morning this man wearing a navy blue hoodie, black sweatpants and black gloves walked into the store pointing a gun. He forced one employee to bring him into the store's back office and ordered another employee to help bust open a safe.

"There were two children back there that were crying when we responded to the area," Menge said.

The two women tried to remain calm and followed orders. Police say after the man managed to get the cash out of the safe he took one of the employee's purses and put it into a Sav-a-lot bag.

Apparently that wasn't enough. From there the man forced one of the employees back to the cash register ordering her to take the whole drawer and toss it into a plastic bag.

"She let him know that she didn't want to turn around or cause any trouble or anything like that," Menge said.

Leaving as casually as he entered, the man is seen walking out of the store on Woodward near Connecticut Street.

"He knew what he was going for," Menge said. "He didn't mind the children were there or that he was robbing 2 females."

Unfortunately he gets away and you never see the man's face.

"But he has distinguishing, bright colored, white, newer sneakers with a black sole to them," Menge said.

Now Highland park police are working to get surveillance from this Sav-a-lot store across the street - and say they're relieved it was only money he got away with.

"Luckily nothing happened bad," Menge said. "It could've turned into a really bad situation."

Investigators say the man in that video is considered armed and dangerous -- and right now they believe he acted alone.

If you think you may know who he is, call Highland Park police at (313) 852-7338.