Tense standoff with carjacker asking police to kill him caught on video

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A man goes on a crime spree through Metro Detroit -- trying to get police to shoot him.
Milford police say this is the third time the suspect tried to be shot by cops.  The culmination was the standoff ending with the man, Kamil Charles Gillette being tased. 

The suspect's spree began the night before when he stole a car from Grosse Pointe drove out to Milford and slept in the car. He then tried to carjack two people which led to the final confrontation.

The tense final moments were caught on video.

"Shoot me ..." Gillette said.

Police: "Drop it"

"Shoot me, I don't want to live anymore."

"Put it down."

At that point police did not know what the suspect had in his right hand.  He would eventually show them tucked behind his right leg.

"Show me your hands," an officer said. "He's got scissors."

Milford police ended up in this standoff because they got calls Gillette, 21, was trying to carjack two people including an elderly woman outside the Milford Kroger on Highland Road.

"She was scared he kept saying give me your keys, I want your car," said witness Laurie North. "She said she didn't know what was going on, I was just trying to get my foot out of my car."

At that point a man with a dog and a guy with a crutch tried fending off the suspect.

"Those two gentleman they saved her," North said.

Another man saw the incident happen. He said apparently the suspect also got physical.

"He tried to pull the old lady out of her car," said Alex Capriotti. "She fell down, that's when the good Samaritan with his dog came and tried to fight him off. He didn't have any luck and that's when the guy with the crutch came up and cracked him with it. They were able to fight him off until Milford police came."

Police tased the man and took him in without anyone else getting hurt. 

FOX 2: "(Police were) dealing with a situation that could have been fatal?"

"It's text book," said Thomas Lindberg, Milford chief of police. "One other variable going left of center and this would have had tragic results."

Now Kamil Charles Gillette of Detroit is behind bars. He is expected to be arraigned at 10:30 a.m. Friday on two counts of carjacking and one receiving and concealing stolen property.

A friend of the elderly woman say she was bruised and shaken up, but should be okay.