Texas ghost town Lobo selling for $100,000

A ghost town in West Texas is up for sale for less than most houses.

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The current owner of the 10-acre town of Lobo, in West Texas, purchased the town in 2001 for $20,000 with a few friends. The last residents of Lobo left in 1991, leaving behind an empty swimming pool, a motel, and a few houses.

The owner is now selling Lobo for $100,000. 

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New ideas for the town range from a kangaroo farm to an escape room experience using the entire area. The owner is taking bids on the property until June 24th.

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Lobo is located in Culberson County. The town was founded in the 1880s and was once a thriving community with a population of over 100 people. The town's decline began in the 1950s, when the railroad was abandoned. By the 1990s, the town was deserted.

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The current owner of Lobo has used the town for art events and film festivals. He is now selling the town because he is no longer able to maintain it. He is hoping to find a buyer who will restore the town to its former glory.

The sale of Lobo has generated interest from people all over the world. Some people are interested in buying the town to restore it, while others are interested in buying it for its unique history. 


The owner is hopeful that he will find a buyer who will appreciate the town's potential.