The American's with Charlie LeDuff: A righteous voice from the Ferguson chaos

A white cop kills an unarmed black teen in the heart of America.

First comes the riot and looting, and then comes martial law.
But with the whole world watching, the police pull out and for an afternoon it's a victory for the black side of St. Louis - a place short on wins.

Then evening falls. With police nowhere to be found, a band of black marauders loots Ferguson, Missouri once again.

Here in the mayhem of Ferguson is a remarkable scene. A remarkable man. A young black man.

We have nothing to add to this story except an opinion: We choose to believe he is, who we really are in America, or what we can, and ought to be.

"Michael Brown don't want this," said D.J., a young black man, to a crowd forming outside a storefront.

Play the video as Charlie heads to the frontlines of Ferguson.

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