The American's with Charlie LeDuff: Detroit's Bankruptcy is helping police do their jobs

Detroit is a godforsaken place.  Everyone knows that.  Detroit is a mess, no doubt. Here's the thing: some of the factors that put Detroit $18 billion in debt could be factors in your town.

Cities all over the country are struggling to pay for health care and retiree pensions. They're seeing revenues from property taxes and sales taxes drop as they try to pay for expensive projects that were approved before the recession.
Charlie takes a look at what happens when a city doesn't have that proverbial pot to, well, you know.

Vital city services were cut to the bone and people are dying because police, fire and ambulances don't show up when someone calls 911. 

That said, Detroit is on the brink of a comeback. Charlie shows us how the Emergency Manager is rubbing pennies together to bring back those city services. 

Play the video to see the full report in this edition of the Americans with Charlie LeDuff.  Play the 2nd and 3rd videos in the player to hear more from Detroit Police in the LeDuff's Daily Minutes.