The American's with Charlie LeDuff: Texas Death Row

A little more than 3,000 people are sitting on death row, waiting to get their final meal and take their last breath. Thirty-two states have the death penalty. 

Charlie LeDuff tells the story of three inmates who were condemned to die. Did a jury of their peers get it right?

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Play one or all four of the Daily Minute bonus videos to see what "media day" looks like as Charlie talks to a British reporter who has a keen interest in America's death sentencing policies. You'll also hear more from a victim's family on why they think the man who murdered their loved ones deserves to die. And take a trip with Charlie and his crew as they head down to Austin, Texas to pay a visit with country singer, humorist and satirist Richard Samet 'Kinky" Friedman. He plays a song or two and explains why it's so important as an artist to remember that your work will connect with people and how he learned that his work reached all the way into the prison cell of Nelson Mandela.

Scroll through the photo gallery in this story to get a closer look at an execution chamber.