The American's with Charlie LeDuff: Where is the respect for the real hosts of the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XLVIII is in New York.  Well, not exactly.  The Super Bowl's host city is actually East Rutherford, N.J.  Sometimes it's hard to get respect in America if you're not from places like Los Angeles., Washington, D.C. or New York.  If you live in New Jersey, you're in the shadow of the Big Apple. 

If you're mayor of East Rutherford, home of MetLife Stadium where Sunday's big game will be played, all you're getting from the apple is the worm.

Fox 2 reporter Charlie LeDuff and his crew head to New Jersey to help East Rutherford Mayor James Cassella get a ticket to America's biggest sporting event. On their mission they run into real Americans like Danny Provenzano, who offers his insight on how to score a ticket and get respect at the same time.

The ticket quest takes Charlie into Manhattan with stops at the NFL's head office, the local FOX 5 TV station and Wall Street where raising $4,000 for a ticket should be a snap.

Play the video to see how the mission ends. It's an American story.  And for America's big game, Super Bowl XLVIII, you don't need a ticket, you can watch it on your local Fox station.  Game time 6 p.m., but coverage starts hours before. 

Bonus video: Check out the additional videos called "LeDuff's Daily Minute," in the main player of this story or use the player on the top right of this page to learn a little bit more about the Garden State.

Look for more stories like this one from Charlie and his crew in the near future.