The Dented Badge offers help for Detroit officers families injured on the job

Detroit's men and women in blue risk their lives every day to protect the citizens of Detroit. But who's looking out for their families when their injured or killed on the job?

Arin Johnson has gone from the son of an injured police officer to an advocate for others. It's been almost a year since his father, Officer Waldis Johnson, was ambushed and shot in the head while responding to a domestic violence call. 

His father survived and is only now coming out of his vegetative coma.

"He is fully aware of what happened to him and what's going on. But he is still unable to move or speak - his nerve system is shot. Every day is an improvement but a struggle at the same time," Arin said.

It's been difficult in every way. His father's medical expenses are covered by his employer - the City of Detroit - but his mother, their rock, is now the sole provider for his two younger siblings.

"The burden on her has been tremendously lifted by the Dented Badge just financially. The financial aspect of this crisis is insane and I can only imagine what other families are going through because I'm living it everyday," Arin said.

The Dented Badge is one of many organizations that have stepped in to help them in their time of need. Arin was so impressed with their genuine desire to help - he's joined the board of directors.

"The dented badge truly cares about what an individual goes through and the family," Arin said. "They just bring spiritual guidance, financial guidance - everything you would need in the middle of a storm. They're there.

Arin knows another brave man or woman in law enforcement will be injured and need their help navigating a new world. 

"It will definitely happen again and fortunately the dented badge will be there to help in any aspect - financially, spiritually, we will be there," Arin said.

The Dented Badge is seeking corporate sponsors to help them help families of law enforcement in times of crisis. To get involved, check out their site at