The Doctor Is In: Couples & Infertility

It's a tough topic that impacts one in eight couples who are trying to have a baby.

It's a process that can be long, expensive and  sometimes heartbreaking.

However, there are success stories and help to get families where they hope to be.  But where do you start? 

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Our Experts: 

Dr. Ali Dabaja

Dr. Dabaja is the director of male reproductive and sexual medicine at Henry Ford Health System. 
He performs a new procedure called microdissection testicular sperm extraction, which is credited with revolutionizing treatment for some men once thought to be infertile.

Dr. Nicole Budrys
Reproductive endocrinologist
Dr.Budrys is the medical director of the Henry Ford Center for Reproductive Medicine.
She says that her message to women 35 and older who want to become mothers is get moving with a purpose toward getting pregnant.

Henry Ford Center for Reproductive Medicine

The Henry Ford Center for Reproductive Medicine is a full service high tech center offering a variety of diagnostic and treatment options to couples faced with infertility issues.

Center experts recognize that team-work is important on many fronts.

The couple must work together and the reproductive experts must combine their efforts and knowledge to try to help couples have a baby. 

During an initial appointment women may go to Dr. Budrys and men may request a consultation with Dr. Dabaja in Urology.

But at the Henry Ford Center for Reproductive Medicine, the two doctors work as a team. 

Both will meet with the couple to discuss barriers to getting pregnant and steps the couple will need to take in the effort to become parents.

During a monthly conference call the pair discusses different cases and options that may be available to each couple.

The coordination of care is key in helping more couples become parents.

Drs. Budrys and Dabaja also collaborate with other medical experts that may be involved in treating the couple for other medical problems.

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