The Doctor Is In: Protecting Yourself from Heart Disease

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Fox 2's Ron Savage, actor Bill Paxton and health guru Bob Harper are all bringing heart health back into the spotlight.  Fox 2 learned Ron's death Saturday was caused by a blockage of the left coronary artery, also known as the widowmaker. 

Wednesday, Beaumont Health Cardiologist Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan and the Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation, Dr. Barry Franklin discuss the risk factors of heart disease and heart attacks and ways to take control of your health.

And while there has been much focus on diet and exercise, Dr. Chinnaiyan says stress also plays a major role in triggering heart attacks.  She says it's important to learn how to mitigate stress with methods such as meditation.

Dr. Franklin says exercise can be a double-edged sword. It can protect against disease, but for people with an underlying blockages it can be a trigger for heart attacks or sudden cardiac death.